Stuck Off in Fresno, California - Evil queen decal never came!

Not resolved

I ordered a evil queen decal for my Apple Macbook. It was something I had been looking for along time and was ecited to order it..

I ordered the product on 09/30/2014. On 10/20 I sent the company an email because I still had not received my decal. Five days latter I still had received nothing and no reply to my email. On October 31 I submitted a dispute with PayPal since I had not received my product and emails were going on deaf ears.

After the dispute I received an email from someone with the company saying they had replied to emails and wanted to make sure I still had never received the product.. I searched the email address in my email an confirmed they had not sent me an email I replied I had not received my decal.

I never heard another word from the company. I hope PayPal reverses my money soon because these people clearly don't care and are a scam.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Products.

Stuck Off - Awesome stickers..awful service


I ordered a justice league macbook decal about 1 month & 3 weeks... I contacted the people multiple times through their "contact us by making a request" thing on their page.

3 comments & 3 weeks later the staff finally responded. They told me the order must've been lost & they would resend it. I was fine with this. Now it's been a month since they responded to my requests.

I've made 4 more requests since they last responded because I STILL have yet to receive the sticker. At this point I want a refund.

Worst part is they don't even have a phone number to call.

Awesome stickers, yet AWFUL service. I'm thoroughly disappointed.

Monetary Loss: $19.

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Stuck Off in Auckland, Auckland - Mac Book Decal Sticker Rip Off

Not resolved

On the 16.04.2013 I purchased a Macbook Pro 13" disney Decal sticker for the front of my laptop. I am from New Zealand and this company is from America.

So I paid for shipping and I was so excited to get it. Three weeks went past and still nothing in the letter book so I emailed the website asking where it was. He said that he would look into it for me and I was very grateful. after four days he got back to me saying that it got lost in the mail and that he would re-send another one.

Pleased I thanked him very much and again was excited for the arrival of my product. It is now the 11.06.2013 and I still have not received this sticker for my laptop. I have emailed them many times and they have never replied, apart from the previous two times. I have been very patient waiting for it but I think I am about to loose it.

It doesn't take 2-3 months to post a laptop sticker to Auckland, New Zealand. I cannot call them as it would cost to much for the international calling.

I have tried to be polite but I don't think thats going to cut it anymore. The communication is poor and I feel like I have been shafted big time.

Monetary Loss: $22.

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